Image of an property email on a mobile phone

Rent Dynamics Launches Automated Communications

Rent Dynamics has incorporated marketing automation into its CRM product, allowing multifamily marketers and property managers the ability to automatically follow-up with and re-capture the leads that are no longer in the immediate “follow-up” queue. 

Sketches of UX design with pencils and a smart phone laid out on a black table

How an Intuitive Multifamily CRM Boosts Your Bottom Line

Your multifamily CRM platform should be easy to use and easy to understand; no matter the employee role using the system, they should be able to navigate the tool with ease. With all the advancements in UX and UI, smartphones with apps for everything, technology and software advancements, and heightened user expectations, your CRM software should meet users expectations, and align with people’s workflows. An intuitive platform follows the best practices for UX and UI design, like the Rent Dynamics CRM, and should present information in a visual hierarchy making it easy to know where to go next in the program and how to interact with the various elements.

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