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Rent Dynamics Launches Automated Communications

Rent Dynamics has incorporated marketing automation into its CRM product, allowing multifamily marketers and property managers the ability to automatically follow-up with and re-capture the leads that are no longer in the immediate “follow-up” queue. 

Rent Dynamics CRM currently optimizes the leasing process with automated follow-ups, and a workflow that automates the leasing process. Automated Communications, our latest addition to the CRM, will help to free up some of the marketing dollars that are normally spent on acquiring new leads, automating the process of following up with the leads that are already in the funnel. 

Rent Dynamics’ CRO, Mike Wolber, says, “Some of the top reasons that prospects don’t schedule appointments are objections like Price and Availability. With Automated Communications, we’re excited to be able to provide an automated experience for owners, operators, marketers, and leasing staff to re-engage those prospects when that price or availability changes.”

Rent Dynamics helps their clients implement customized email campaigns based on prospective tenants’ unit interest, unit availability, pricing, and more. Using this marketing automation technology, clients will even be able to automatically follow up with the leads who lease elsewhere, when they approach the end of their lease.

A major pain point for any marketer is the feeling (or seeing the data) of lost leads once they enter into the sales/leasing process. Rent Dynamics’ suite of tools in their CRM not only help to optimize the leasing process, but can automate the follow-up process to ensure that all leads will be worked thoroughly. 

Rent Dynamics Automated Communications will help marketing and leasing teams increase their efficiency so there is more time to focus on the holistic strategy that will turn more leads into leases across your properties.

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Big News! Rent Dynamics has been acquired by Entrata!