Running a Customer Centric Organization

Employees are the backbone of your business, but where would you be without customers? From understanding a customer’s value to employee training and experience creation – we’ve created a customer-first organization to maximize your success.  

We sat down with our own Tessa Peshke, VP of Customer Success, to understand how Rent Dynamics creates this customer-centric culture and why it’s important. Read on for our top tips!

Value Your Customers

You should value customers and their feedback as a crucial aspect of running your business; they have frontline access and experiences with your business every day. Rent Dynamics understands this value, and how prioritizing the customer and making them feel heard is paramount to success. Peshke explains how Rent Dynamics shows value to our customers “with how nimble we are and able to pivot for our customers, and the quick response times. Our teams value your time. We want to be consultative and open to every scenario to help solve any situation.

Not only does Rent Dynamics solicit feedback, but with our nimble approach and quick response times, we’re able to immediately act on ideas or concerns that provide value to our customers.

Training & Development for Employees

Part of creating a customer-centric organization means building a team of employees that embodies that culture.

To achieve this customer-centric culture, Rent Dynamics stresses the value and support that both our products and our people provide to our customers. Peshke says this is accomplished with additional customer touchpoints, training for our employees, and understanding the customers’ needs from an organizational standpoint. She continues, stating that Rent Dynamics creates “an environment that brings out creativity, teamwork, understanding and listening to their needs and wants, and delivering a customized proactive approach to build long-term partnerships with our customers.

Creating Experiences for Your Customers

One of the biggest tips a business can learn is how to create experiences for their customers. This is what will leave a more lasting impression and have your customer coming back for more.

Don’t make assumptions about the needs and wants of your customers; validate their concerns and solicit feedback to better understand them. Rent Dynamics has engrained this in our culture, and we create positive experiences for our customers by “understanding their pain points and providing a solution. Not only with our products but with providing a consultative approach to their business needs across the board. Being there from beginning to the end. Customizing and tailoring to their business practices”.

By creating a positive experience for your customer, you leave them feeling positive about your company and likely referring you to their friends, family, and professional network. 

Tips and Takeaways

To close out our interview, Peshke left us with the following advice: 

“Create a customer-focused culture, make your customers feel heard, encourage collaboration, gather and share information company-wide, invest in the user experience, make space for new ideas, and prioritize customer retention. Know your customer better than anyone else.” 

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Big News! Rent Dynamics has been acquired by Entrata!