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We put the ‘S’ in ESG or Environmental, Social, and Governance initiatives. RentPlus provides credit building for residents which allows residents to establish and build credit by making on-time rental and utility payments. With no credit check or loans needed, this amenity is a true differentiator for property management companies (PMCs).

Multifamily Credit Building Programs for the Win-Win-Win

RentPlus is a “win-win-win” social initiative. Unlike other multifamily credit building programs, all parties involved in property management have skin in the game. This includes credit building and accounts with both FinStrong, RentPlus Money tools for residents, and a free credit score tracker (Coming Soon). On the PMC side, RentPlus promises a higher resident retention rate and reduction of delinquent rent payments for communities, plus added revenue options.

What value will RentPlus® bring for your community?

RentPlus®, a multifamily credit building, has been a game-changer for properties offering this rent reporting service. Let us walk you through how residents representing your communities can become self-sufficient credit builders simply by paying their rent and utilities each month. Leave your information below!

Why rent reporting matters?

For Residents

Residents of your communities are your biggest champions. With the historically underserved seeking rent relief after recent financial hardships, RentPlus backdates up to 24 months of the most on-time, paid utility, making this a quick way to raise credit scores! With no minimum requirements and no credit check or loans needed, imagine how powerful offering rent reporting paired with accounts with FinStrong, a financial education platform, and RentPlus Money for spending and budgeting would be. WIN!

For Communities

Residents enrolled in RentPlus are not shy to share their successes – and we are here for it! When a community offers rental credit reporting and reports resident rental payments to all three credit bureaus (Equifax, TransUnion, and Experian), leasing agents and local managers then encourage on-time rental payments and in-turn satisfy their passion by lending a hand and help their residents’ achieve financial success. WIN!

For Property Management Companies

RentPlus also offers an added ancillary revenue channel for PMCs. In as trying a time as the last few years have been, who wouldn’t want increased year end income (some reaching as much as $10K MRR)? See how much you could be earning with RentPlus® by visiting our revenue calculator. WIN!

We Put the ‘S’ in ESG –

With a big push for ESG in CRE, the socially responsible RentPlus increases property value in the eyes of today’s socially conscious investors. RentPlus provides tangible and lasting value to your residents. Thanks to RentPlus rent reporters, residents can qualify for purchases like a car or home loan and have the financial tools they need to build a better financial future – just by paying rent.

Hand holding up RentPlus credit cards for 600 score in front of a van

The Best Secured Credit Card –

The RentPlus debit and secured credit card are now here! This additional offering to the RentPlus program will provide accessible resident banking while also serving as an additional credit building opportunity for residents. Your residents will enjoy perks like FastPay to get their paycheck early, savings tools to encourage healthy savings habits, and more. Learn about our partnership with QuextPay and the RentPlus card program or join the waitlist here.

An Amenity that Sets You Apart


  • RentPlus is a true differentiator and community selling point
  • Offers a unique amenity to stand apart from your competitors
Build Revenue While Making a Difference


  • Encourages credit-conscious renters
  • Reduces delinquent payments
  • Provides ancillary revenue to the property management company
Leave a Lasting Positive Impact


  • Helps residents build and maintain credit
  • Automatically categorizes purchases to set and view a budget, and track savings goals
  • Includes a personalized financial education program
  • Drives financially responsible behaviors with text alerts and credit tips
  • Can help residents qualify for major purchases like buying a car, paying for college, etc.
  • Includes fraud protection policy (up to $1 million coverage)

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