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Rent Dynamics presents a CRM for Multifamily designed to provide intuitive leasing software and lead management tools. This user-friendly platform simplifies the inbound process, addressing the specific needs of your leasing team. With a continuous feedback channel, our CRM is constantly evolving to meet your requirements. Trust Rent Dynamics’ CRM for Multifamily for efficient leasing and lead management.

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From the first ad click to the lease agreement, we are powered by YOU!

Our CRM for Multifamily simplifies apartment leasing with a flexible user experience (UX) and integrated features, including:

• Automated follow-ups
• Email templates
• Resident-centric guest cards
And more!

Discover the Potential of Our Multifamily CRM

Jennifer Ceroy of Klingbeil Capital Management shared her positive experience with us: “[Rent Dynamics] promotes a higher-quality lead nurturing process while improving team response times, productivity, and accountability.” Discover why leasing teams prefer our Multifamily CRM for managing apartment leads. Leave your information below!

Elevate Your Sales and Marketing Strategy

Maximize your team’s potential with our CRM for Multifamily. Gain actionable insights to refine your sales, leasing, and marketing approaches. With our intuitive software, achieve your property management objectives efficiently. Elevate your team’s capabilities now!

A Leasing CRM that is always growing, just like your residents.

Baked in add-ons for top-of-line multifamily performance software.

Leasing in its simplest form

Our CRM for Multifamily offers a streamlined Leasing Dashboard designed for ease of use. This ensures your team can prioritize essential communications with prospects and residents. Improve efficiency and resident satisfaction with Rent Dynamics.

Voice of Customer (VoC)

Say goodbye to secret shopping

Transform your approach with Rent Dynamics’ Voice of Customer (VoC) service. Leveraging AI and machine learning, VoC offers deep insights from your portfolio. Track and analyze vast amounts of prospect and resident communications with our customizable dashboard. Our CRM for Multifamily seamlessly integrates with most PMS and CRM systems. Discover more about our VoC and lead management solutions.

Multifamily CRM FAQ

What is a multifamily CRM?

A multifamily CRM is a customer relationship management platform designed for the multifamily housing industry. It provides property management teams with a comprehensive suite of tools to manage their resident and prospect communications, track engagement, and measure success.

What are some of the features of a multifamily CRM?

A multifamily CRM encompasses lead tracking, automated messaging, personalized surveys, resident portals, and in-depth analytics. It also integrates seamlessly with other property management software.

How can a multifamily CRM help property management teams?

A multifamily CRM can help property management teams by streamlining their workflow, increasing efficiency, and providing them with valuable insights. By automating mundane tasks and providing access to real-time data, property management teams can focus their efforts on providing the best service to their residents and prospects.

What are the benefits of using a multifamily CRM?

A multifamily CRM can help property management teams increase resident satisfaction, reduce costs, and improve efficiency. It can also help build relationships with prospects, generate more leads, and close deals faster. In addition, a multifamily CRM can provide valuable insights into the performance of a property, allowing management teams to make informed decisions.

A CRM for Multifamily Marketers and Operators


  • Engagement opportunities and increased visibility
  • Reporting/analytics for every level of insight
  • Notifications that lead to smarter marketing strategies
  • Customizable follow-up platform with alerts
  • Improve your ROI on marketing spends
Smarter Leasing for Revenue Optimization


  • Intuitive guest card design is easy to use
  • Chatbot for guided customer engagement
  • Flexible integrations with your existing systems
  • Business intelligence to track and analyze behavior that will influence business decisions
Focus on Residents, Long After the Lease is Signed


  • Resident guest card (like a lead guest card, but for existing residents)
  • Resident communication platform that is text and email enabled
  • RentPlus rental payment reporting is a true differentiator

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