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How an Intuitive Multifamily CRM Boosts Your Bottom Line

The right CRM tool can be a game-changer for any business. As a marketing leader in the multifamily space, you’re keenly familiar with all the nuances of marketing and selling your unique properties.  That’s why it’s imperative you research the multifamily CRM software options and choose the most intuitive one for your business needs.  

Here are a few key areas to assess when deciding if your current CRM fits the “intuitive” bill:

Intelligent Design

Your multifamily CRM platform should be easy to use and easy to understand; no matter the employee role using the system, they should be able to navigate the tool with ease. With all the advancements in UX and UI, smartphones with apps for everything, technology and software advancements, and heightened user expectations, your CRM software should meet users expectations, and align with people’s workflows. An intuitive platform follows the best practices for UX and UI design, like the Rent Dynamics CRM, and should present information in a visual hierarchy making it easy to know where to go next in the program and how to interact with the various elements.

For example, the Rent Dynamics CRM layout is kept simple, containing all important and relevant information on the main screen. Whether utilizing a call center to fill in the gaps for your on-site staff or you have new staff still learning the ropes, our “Community Info” page has everything a potential resident would want to know on one screen – from location, directions, and hours, to key selling points, amenity highlights, pet policies, current specials, and more.  This ensures that whoever is handling a call won’t get lost with irrelevant info and is readily equipped to answer any questions a lead may have. 

In addition, the main screens should be different for Leasing Agents vs. a Marketing Director vs. an Operations Director. With the Rent Dynamics CRM, we know that different metrics matter to different roles. We designed our Executive Dashboard reporting with user-audience(s) in mind; executives will have insight into portfolio and revenue performance, marketing will have insight into lead to lease conversion metrics, property managers and regionals can get a better understanding of site team performance, while leasing agents and community staff are able to handle communication and perform lead and resident follow-ups.

Optimized Workflows

The main goal for any lead workflow is converting the leads from a prospect to a resident. With the Rent Dynamics CRM, a lot of research went into perfecting this workflow in the UX design, making the initial contact a natural conversational flow that property managers want to be happening on calls.  With our design, we’ve made the lead source and community group automatic, making it easy to create new leads and auto-find existing leads.  

The lead card should have an easy-to-follow flow of information gathering that seamlessly leads into scheduling an appointment for a tour. Our intelligent design follows that natural conversational flow and assists the agent’s workflow, prompting important next steps in the conversation. This means leads are more likely to schedule an appointment, which means they’re more likely to become a resident across your communities.

Automated Follow-Ups

Another key factor to look for in selecting your multifamily CRM is an intelligent follow-up workflow.  These workflows should be automated and give you the ability to determine the follow-up timing, types, and designate staff members (for example your community staff vs. a contact center).  This means that every single follow-up step for a leasing agent can be pre-determined for them, making their job simple and effective. All they’d need to do is log in, go down their prioritized list, and perform follow-up tasks with ease. Many of the follow-up communications themselves can be automated. With our Automated Communications feature, you can even schedule automated follow-ups for the leads who have fallen out of the regular contact flow and haven’t become residents yet. 

With Rent Dynamics’ multifamily CRM, we automate communications and workflows based on extensive industry research and UI/UX trends. There will be different types of workflows set based on events that occur with contact types in the system. All major actions with a lead are set to happen, leading all the way up to submitting an application.  Our workflows are created to easily walk leasing agents through the process, ensuring they know exactly what they should be doing to communicate with each lead and guide them into the application submission process. Whether it is sending a text or writing an email, various communication types are built within the software, and are intuitively designed to feel familiar.  This means the text function looks and feels like sending a text, and email communication looks and feels like an email. 

On top of that, our “search” page gives agents the ability to view all previous contact history with leads and residents, and their communication timeline. This gives you unique insights into who the leads are, what they’re interested in, or what unit they live in (if they’re a resident), and gives agents the ability to contact them directly from that page. They can easily call, email or text, set appointments, or submit service requests all from the same page and using only one tool. This page also shows the 5 most recent lead and resident contacts, making it a helpful place for follow-ups in case they were interrupted by in-person visits (or the hundred other reasons that could interrupt them on site!) before completing a follow-up. 

Continuous Improvements

You should also be sure your multifamily property CRM is committed to continuous improvements! Technology is always changing, so you want to be sure your CRM partner is willing and ready to adapt to new changes and updates so they’re always giving you the best service.  At Rent Dynamics, we pride ourselves on offering the latest and greatest with our multifamily CRM. That’s why we have future improvements already in the works!

We’ll soon be launching our Executive Dashboard, which gives multifamily operations and marketing leaders and executives unique insights into property performance.  This tool allows for customizable metrics and will be a key place for executives and VP’s to log in to get data.  The best part? The “Pulse” feature will automatically send performance reports (with the KPIs that matter most) directly to your inbox when certain performance criteria are met, finally giving you the ability to be proactive about your portfolio’s performance.

It’s easy to see why a multifamily CRM platform is crucial to a property’s success; it can streamline tasks and improve your team’s workflow and sales process, driving more leads to become residents, as well as give multifamily executives and leaders the key performance data they need to be proactive and optimize their portfolio’s performance and revenue.  

If you (and your teams) are not already using a tool as intuitive and intelligent as Rent Dynamics CRM, reach out to or schedule a demo today!

Big News! Rent Dynamics has been acquired by Entrata!