Resident Journey Multifamily CRM

Rent Dynamics is an all-in-one Multifamily Resident Journey CRM Platform. It empowers property managers to provide a great customer experience for tenants and make them feel good about where they live.

Why Choose Rent Dynamics?

Rent Dynamics offers innovative solutions throughout the entire resident journey: marketing, leasing, and resident retention. We put our customers and our people first to offer unparalleled service along the way.


CRM for Multifamily

With Rent Dynamics’ Multifamily CRM, you can ensure potential customers are won over during the crucial acquisition stage. By utilizing our advanced technology, you can efficiently capture leads from many advertising channels. Our innovative and state-of-the-art multifamily technology is designed to increase conversion rates, enabling you to tap into a previously untapped market.


24/7 Contact Center for Multifamily

At our Multifamily Contact Center, our representatives support your team with all incoming property inquiries, whether during the leasing process or beyond. Our team understands the importance of each interaction, so we provide exceptional service you can rely on.



RentPlus provides a simple and effective way to boost resident satisfaction. Our exceptional amenity allows residents to build credit and improve financial literacy. We understand how hard it can be to find and secure leads. That’s why RentPlus helps you retain your valuable residents effortlessly. Our innovative credit-building program for apartments makes it easy for your residents to improve their credit scores simply by paying rent on time. 

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