What to Look for in a Multifamily CRM

Managing and marketing multifamily properties is complex! From advertising to lead management to accounting to managing resident relationships, it’s easy for leads and important tasks to get lost in the shuffle.  But not to worry – a smart leasing CRM tool can help!

The goal of any multifamily CRM is to help take out the guesswork for multifamily marketers and leasing teams. Your CRM should enable your leasing teams the ability to swiftly move prospects through the sales funnel, give property managers the support they need to keep their property running (and rented out!) smoothly, and give marketers insight into what is or isn’t working. By choosing the right CRM residential management platform, you can help your communities succeed in today’s competitive multifamily landscape.  

Here are the top 6 things to look for when choosing the right CRM fit for your multifamily business.

#1: Integrations

It is imperative your software platform works well with your property management system.  With Rent Dynamics’ Multifamily CRM, our multifamily software CRM platform integrates seamlessly with your property management system, letting you rest easy knowing the tools are working and that two-way communication between both systems is happening in real-time (delivering lead information while receiving pricing and availability). For example, we have a full integration with Yardi and Realpage PMS (among others), and will bring in the Yieldstar matrix directly into our tool when looking at available options for current leads, so there is no need to open multiple systems just to get the information you need. All the information you need is at your fingertips. 

#2: A Clear Picture of the Resident Journey

Multifamily marketers know that lead generation and an understanding of your customer journey are paramount to business success. Rent Dynamics’ Multifamily CRM can track where your leads came from, capture detailed information (while merging the duplicates), and create a follow-up schedule to ensure no lead is left behind. 

When selecting a CRM to manage your portfolio, making sure leads are properly tracked and easy to follow-up with should be at the top of your list.  Rent Dynamics’ Multifamily CRM tool gives you the lead tracking and follow-through you need with easy-to-follow customer journeys, along with customizable email templates and SMS text message marketing and reminders. We also offer over 30 reports to help you measure leasing and sales performance and key customer experience/key performance indicators (KPI’s), making it easy for you to track campaign metrics, measure your marketing success, see at a glance how extensively existing leads have been nurtured, and where there is an opportunity for revenue optimization.

#3: Simple, yet Intuitive User Interface

Make sure your team remains focused on leasing — NOT on data entry — by choosing a multifamily CRM platform that has an intuitive user experience.  With visual prospect journeys and timelines, your team can see all touch points with individual attribution, text message conversations, full email and call recordings, and even 3rd party events, all in one easy-to-understand and simple-to-use platform. They’ll be more focused on following-up with leads than inputting data, helping to maximize efforts and boost your leasing rates. Lead management is easy when your CRM user interface is perfectly aligned with your teams’ existing workflows — from the first time a user clicks on your ad, to after they sign their lease, Rent Dynamics’ Multifamily CRM makes it as easy as it should be. 

On the prospective residents’ side of things, simple features on the property website like an integrated chatbot and online scheduler (that also integrate with your PMS) keep things super simple for apartment seekers to get in touch with the community and find a time to tour the unit they are interested in (virtual, self-guided, or guided).

#4: Customizable Features

You want to have the flexibility to design and execute pathways that optimize the customer journey, from prospect to resident. With Rent Dynamics’ Multifamily CRM, you can easily blend human and automated touch points, have unlimited SMS-enabled local numbers with click to call, and an open API that connects with your existing systems and allows you to visualize data on your own terms. You will also want to have the ability to follow-up with leads differently, depending on the property team and resources available, as well as a custom emergency calling tree set up: our system can enable a custom escalation path for emergency calls so they don’t go unanswered. 

#5: Customer-centric Support

Nobody wants to manage communication through multiple platforms, least of all tracking down support when you need it most need.  With two-way, built-in application messaging you can get quick communication and helpful tips. On top of that, with Rent Dynamics’ Multifamily CRM, your questions are funneled straight to support and your account manager for speedy resolutions. Plus, Rent Dynamics offers free individualized training around your schedule, a dedicated Account Manager, and custom reporting. You and your team(s) should never have to fend for yourselves when trying to navigate your CRM tool. Our team takes pride in helping you every step of the way (we will literally do it for you)!

#6: Future Innovations

If your CRM tool doesn’t have planned updates on its product roadmap that will improve the technology and give you deeper insights, it’s time to look for a new tool. Innovation and forward-thinking are central to a CRM technology in an age that requires meeting customers where they are at and being able to track and manage those customers.

Rent Dynamics has some pretty exciting new developments in our product roadmap that we can’t wait to share! *Hint* it may or may not drive more efficient and smarter leasing strategies and sales tips… stay tuned for updates!

In Summary

There are a lot of options to choose from when selecting a multifamily CRM.  But when it comes to choosing the right fit for your business, don’t settle for less and don’t overpay just to get the services you need.  With Rent Dynamics’ Multifamily CRM, you will get the tools you need, the tools you want, and the tools you will actually love. Schedule your free demo today or get in touch! sales@rentdynamics.com 

Big News! Rent Dynamics has been acquired by Entrata!