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Inclusive amenity NOW with debit card & banking program

A card designed with renters in mind

Welcome to RentDynamics, where we prioritize the financial well-being of renters through our innovative Plus Debit Card and Secured Credit Card tailored for renters. These financial tools are meticulously designed to provide a comprehensive banking experience, ensuring residents have the resources to enhance their financial stability. With no prerequisites based on income or credit score, we’ve made it incredibly easy for communities to join our program. Don’t miss out – add your community to our waitlist today and take the first step towards financial empowerment.

RentPlus® rent reporting service with Plus Debit Card.

Key Advantages of Our Multifamily Debt and Credit Card Program

  • No income or credit score requirements to qualify
  • No annual fees, monthly minimum requirements, or overdraft fees
  • Cash deposits at thousands of locations throughout the U.S.
  • Card controls allow you to lock your card, report a lost card, and change your PIN
  • Coming soon: Cashback rewards on purchases, achievement platform, stash account (a hidden account that acts as a digital piggy bank), and secured credit card

Join the waitlist!

We are now accepting property management and ownership groups on the waitlist to be part of our multifamily credit-building programs. By signing up, you will receive exclusive program updates, information on the launch, success stories from other property groups, plus a first look at enhanced program features. Simply fill out the form below to get started.

Be one of the first – offer a rent reporting service with debit card + resident banking.

Interested properties can now give their residents a banking experience right from the comfort of your property.

What is available to my residents through RentPlus®1?

Once enrolled, your residents will have access to:

  • Building credit – rental credit reporting services to all three major credit bureaus
  • Budgeting tools
  • NEW! Resident Banking App2
  • Financial education
  • Fraud protection
  • NEW! Plus Debit Card with resident rewards!

For more, check out our case study from Wasatch Property Management.

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Screenshot taken of intuitive RentPlus rent reporting services provided by Rent Dynamics. Shown is the intuitive budgeting tools and schedule tool for paying utilities and on-time rent payments.

1 As the registered furnisher, RentPlus® is responsible for all data accuracy, FCRA compliance, and lender disputes.
2 QuextPay offers its digital banking solution with RentPlus®’ reporting capabilities. This partnership makes banking and payments more accessible to individuals without access to credit, and helps improve it in a risk-free, efficient way. The addition of QuextPay’s digital banking platform and RentPlus® makes the billing process more efficient for property operators/owners, while also giving the resident everything they need to succeed financially, including access to banking that is often out of reach for many (similar card products in the space require minimum income and credit score requirements unattainable for many renters).

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