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How to Always Be There For Your Clients & Prospects

Customer service is crucial to any company. But for a multifamily business, it can also be the difference between filling up your open leases or being left with too many vacancies. Between handling on-site inquiries and day-to-day tasks, it’s easy for phone calls, texts, emails and chats to get missed – in fact, statistics show 54% of calls go unanswered at apartment communities (and that number is growing!). That is an alarming amount of missed connections especially when each call could be a prospective resident. The good news is though, there are tools out there that can lower that statistic. By working with a contact center, you can help fill the gaps and have additional support during off hours or when you are short on staff. 

A 24/7 contact center, like Rent Dynamics’ Contact Center, can step in and handle a whole slew of different contact channels. This includes taking inbound calls, answering emails, providing chat support, and even answering text messages. Rent Dynamics’ Contact Center was born out of a true need for available experts in the multifamily industry – so the staff is knowledgeable, local, and empathetic to your residents’ needs. On top of that, they can make follow-up contacts to interested parties and get them scheduled for a tour. Let’s talk through how this works.

Don’t Miss a Single Lead

Generally speaking, there are two types of inbound calls. The first being inbound leads, where their goal is to get more property information, inquiring about pricing/availability. Imagine if these are the calls being categorized in the 54% of unanswered calls statistic listed above? With the right tools in place, a contact center can help step in and make sure these important calls never go unanswered. 

A good contact center, like Rent Dynamics’ best-in-class Contact Center, can even help act as a sales agent by providing up-to-date leasing information, highlighting property features, and getting tours scheduled. This has huge positive impacts on a business, as it ensures you are meeting the right renters at the right time – when they are ready to make a leasing decision. Timing is everything, so you definitely don’t want to miss these calls!

On top of that, we record every call. Whether your leasing office picks up or the call is directed to our contact center, we provide 100% access to this data. Our team is staffed with highly trained agents with effective sales and fair housing training.  Our robust reporting includes transparent listening and real-time feedback to ensure you’re getting the business intelligence you need to understand what’s working and what’s not. 

Maintenance Support

The other main type of important inbound call is a maintenance request or resident inquiry. Ensuring you stay on top of maintenance calls supports major costs-savings, considering leaks and other urgent maintenance issues can lead to major property damage. The Rent Dynamics Contact Center has unique tools, like an emergency calling tree, which can be set up depending on the size and scale of the emergency. This means the right members of your team are alerted at the right time – and if those individuals aren’t available after hours, we will be sure to find someone who can help. 

Multifamily businesses can choose a number of ways to lean on our contact center. A few common ways include: 1.) during normal business hours, 2.) as back-up when onsite staff are busy or cannot answer a call, or 3.) for after-hours support only. Rent Dynamics will work with your team to meet your unique business needs and ensure your properties are set up for success.

Add-On Offering

When using Rent Dynamics Contact Center services, we ensure our contact center performance data is easily accessed. We also schedule reports that put the right information in your team’s hands at the right time. 

We also offer additional services and technology that can be layered on to our Contact Center, including our first-in-industry AI technology, Voice of Customer (VoC). VoC can be coupled with our contact center services to deliver insights across all communications (including all inbound leads and maintenance requests) to provide high level insights into key areas brought up in conversations like amenities, fair housing specials, fair housing, pricing/availability and more. 


By working with a contact center like Rent Dynamics, you can help improve your operational efficiencies and ensure that no call goes unanswered, and of course help with resident satisfaction. Our team at Rent Dynamics’ Contact Center has answered 400,000+ calls in 2021 alone! This means picking up 40% more calls than those properties who don’t utilize a contact center. 

In addition, our team is highly-trained and works like a part of your own. The Marketing Manager at Olympus Property said their “…Regional Managers say it is amazing how the Rent Dynamics Contact Center handles calls as if they work onsite!” Not only does a contact center help you answer more incoming inquiries, but they also help get more leads to in-person tours, leading to more leases and happier managers. 

If this sounds like something your business can benefit from, get in touch with us today to learn how we can work together at, or schedule a demo to learn more about our best-in-class multifamily contact center.

Big News! Rent Dynamics has been acquired by Entrata!