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"Marketing Secrets from the Outside In" session at AIM Reimagine 2021.

AIM 2021 Session Recap – Outside In: Marketing Secrets from Outside the Industry

If there is one thing that every attendee who sat in on this exciting session walked away thinking about, it was the word “experience”. In this dynamic hour-long panel at AIM Reinvent, Lisa Troisien, Consultant and President at, guided a very thoughtful conversation with Kainoa Clark, CMO at The Wasatch Group, and Robert Gastieger, VP of Marketing & Communications at Steadfast Living, to discuss what the Multifamily industry can learn and apply based on what is happening outside of the industry.

Sketches of UX design with pencils and a smart phone laid out on a black table

How an Intuitive Multifamily CRM Boosts Your Bottom Line

Your multifamily CRM platform should be easy to use and easy to understand; no matter the employee role using the system, they should be able to navigate the tool with ease. With all the advancements in UX and UI, smartphones with apps for everything, technology and software advancements, and heightened user expectations, your CRM software should meet users expectations, and align with people’s workflows. An intuitive platform follows the best practices for UX and UI design, like the Rent Dynamics CRM, and should present information in a visual hierarchy making it easy to know where to go next in the program and how to interact with the various elements.

Multifamily Social Media Summit – Power Panel Recap

This power panel of experts in the industry highlighted some great points about how to improve your business, sharing tangible examples from their own valuable experience during the pandemic and beyond. It is essential for company growth and success that you are always looking forward and adapting to changes in the industry. 

Apartment residents having a good time

How to Increase Resident Retention

While the industry saw an increase in resident retention during the pandemic, it is now important to take measures to maintain resident satisfaction so they are more likely to renew their lease. If you’ve done any research on this topic you’ll find that most people agree: the key is to create a community and an experience where residents feel like home. 

A woman facing an open laptop holding a credit card.

How to Prepare for SB-1157

This is a great opportunity to reconnect with your existing residents! Let them know you now offer free credit-reporting for on-time rent payments, and walk them through the steps on how to sign-up. Providing a software that offers your residents more than just credit reporting will set you apart as a truly caring property manager. Giving them tools and protection is a sure way to keep residents leasing from you for longer.

Hands together showing teamwork.

ESG Compliance in Multifamily

In 2021 and beyond, ESG initiatives are not just a “nice to have” within company policies and procedures, they are becoming a requirement for investment capital, and encourage companies to operate in a way that is both beneficial to business and beneficial for the greater good. 

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