The Release of the Highly Anticipated Multifamily Leasing Enablement Guide (V1, 2022)

Rent Dynamics announces release date, waitlist details for highly anticipated leasing enablement guide. To join the waitlist and claim your FREE download, visit

Logan, UT. (May 5, 2022) – Rent Dynamics, a multifamily conglomerate set to improve the leasing experience, announced today the launch date for the Multifamily Leasing Enablement Guide (V1, 2022).

With last year’s record-high turnover rates, “The Great Resignation”, and a shift in team (and work) dynamics, other industries have started to prioritize sales enablement. The team at Rent Dynamics has been busy compiling a playbook and a whole new way to enable leasing professionals who want a fast-track in multifamily and to chart new growth and leadership opportunities in the industry.

“In the world of Multifamily, to sell is to lease,” says Mike Wolber, Chief Revenue Officer. “We needed to discover a universal truth to give everyone in Multifamily leasing a fair chance at winning.”

The guide, which is set for full release on May 30, 2022, is said to have tons of insight, tips, and tricks that PMCs can use to manage the enablement process for existing (and new) hires.

“We understand that for us to create a holistic guide and a baseline that any leasing professional can learn from, we need to be tech stack agnostic,” says Trevor Park, VP of Marketing. “In addition to our own data, we worked with Funnel Leasing, Nurture Boss, BetterBot, Rentgrata, Realync, REPLI, OneDay, and Tour24 for insight and additional data to support our efforts.”

Rent Dynamics is calling for anyone interested in the guide to join their waitlist through the link here:

“We’d like to thank Fogelman Properties, CARROLL, American Landmark, WPM Real Estate Management, Grubb Properties, Reside Living for their help with this initiative,” says Timothy Rodman, Growth Marketing Manager. “Without whom, this initiative would not have been nearly the success we know it will be.”

About Rent Dynamics

Rent Dynamics provides value throughout the resident journey – Marketing, Leasing, and Retention. Our intuitive CRM incorporates advanced business intelligence for increased visibility into your lead to lease pipeline, while our Contact Center is there to be an extension of your team. Our RentPlus® product provides resident rent reporting and financial resources that promote economic inclusion and financial freedom for renters.

Big News! Rent Dynamics has been acquired by Entrata!