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Student Quarters Rolls Out RentPlus Across Entire Portfolio

Partnership between Student Quarters and Rent Dynamics to Introduce the RentPlus financial services program to Student Quarters residents.

Logan, Utah — Rent Dynamics is thrilled to announce our partnership with Student Quarters, a specialist student housing asset manager managing 37 properties and over 9,000 beds. 

Lenny Wright, VP of Operations at Student Quarters says their team made the decision to implement RentPlus as “a way to provide their residents and guarantors with an opportunity to make strides in their financial future.”

The RentPlus product will allow Student Quarters residents to establish and build their credit to set the stage for financial success in the future. Lenny Wright says, “As a company we are able to make a difference in a lot of lives by providing a great living experience for our residents.”

Thanks to rental payment reporting that will allow residents to increase their credit scores, financial education, fraud protection, and budget and savings tools included with the program, RentPlus provides a lasting positive impact for residents and sets them up for financial success in the future. “I believe we make impactful opportunities when we are able to help build the foundation for our residents’ financial future. Our partnership with RentPlus allows us to assist with protecting our residents financial credit now as well as set our residents up for success after they moved on from one of our communities,” Wright says. 

The RentPlus program is a financial services amenity for residents that leaves a lasting positive impact on people’s lives, but also generates value for their communities and their business at large. Wright adds that RentPlus will also “capture exceptional value for all SQ assets.”

Both the Rent Dynamics and Student Quarters teams are excited about the partnership and the positive impact that RentPlus will have on the SQ residents, helping them build a foundation for financial success. 

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About Rent Dynamics

Rent Dynamics provides value throughout the resident journey – Marketing, Leasing, and Retention. Our intuitive CRM incorporates advanced business intelligence for increased visibility into your lead to lease pipeline, while our Contact Center is there to be an extension of your team. Our RentPlus product provides resident rent reporting and financial resources that promote economic inclusion and financial freedom for renters. To learn more about RentPlus, visit

About Student Quarters:

Student Quarters is a specialist student housing asset manager with a demonstrated track record of value generation and execution. Since its founding in 2013, Student Quarters has built a meaningful portfolio in its target markets. The team is highly experienced student housing owners with decades of combined experience in underwriting, repositioning, managing and disposing of quality student housing properties. During their careers the team has completed in excess of 56 student housing deals, totaling more than 28,000 beds with a total transaction value in excess of $1.4 billion. Student Quarters’ in-depth knowledge of the student housing market, end to end platform, relationships across the sector and confirmed deal flow provides them a unique competitive advantage.

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