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Woman holds bag as professional shopper. Bag reads "Portfolio Intelligence. Delivered." after the functionality of Rent Dynamics' new Voice of Customer (VoC) mystery shopping company. Text also reads "say goodbye to secret shopping" and "VoC".

Multifamily CRM
with Voice of
Customer (VoC)

Rent Dynamics’ Voice of Customer (VoC) acts as a professional shopper and uses AI and machine learning to extract the insights that matter most across your portfolio. Browse through millions of prospect and resident phone and email communications and track/trend behaviors from the corporate office.

What are your residents and prospects saying?

There is no greater way to experience Voice of Customer (VoC) than through a virtual (or in-person) demonstration.
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VoC extracts insights into what your leads and residents care about

From amenities to move-in specials, VoC teaches multifamily marketers and operators how to become a mystery shopper and understand why residents choose their community over others.

Fully customizable dashboard

The insights VoC can report on are fully customizable, and its technology can also return results based on sentiment (not just exact phrase match) for a high-level overview of portfolio intelligence.

Instead of leveraging a secret shopper to get insight into one interaction, VoC gives multifamily leaders insight into EVERY interaction.

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