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Woman holds bag as professional shopper. Bag reads "Portfolio Intelligence. Delivered." after the functionality of Rent Dynamics' new Voice of Customer (VoC) mystery shopping company. Text also reads "say goodbye to secret shopping" and "VoC".

 Multifamily CRM with AI Technology & Voice of Customer (VoC)

Rent Dynamics introduces a state-of-the-art Voice of Customer (VoC) solution, utilizing AI Technology for Multifamily to transform resident insights into actionable strategies. This tool is indispensable for multifamily properties, serving as a robust lead management system. Utilize AI and machine learning to extract meaningful insights from your data, manage communications efficiently, and stay ahead of trends directly from your corporate office.

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VoC Uncovers What Matters Most to Your Leads and Residents

VoC sheds light on resident preferences, from amenities to move-in specials, empowering multifamily marketers and operators. Unravel the mysteries of resident choices without the need for a mystery shopper, and enhance your community appeal.

Customized Dashboard for In-Depth Portfolio Insights

With VoC, gain access to a wealth of insights tailored to your needs. Our technology delves deeper than exact phrase matches, analyzing sentiment to provide a comprehensive view of your portfolio. Discover the full spectrum of resident interactions without relying on secret shoppers.

Instead of leveraging a secret shopper to get insight into one interaction, VoC gives multifamily leaders insight into EVERY interaction.

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