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Benefits of Attracting Credit-Conscious Residents

Seasoned multifamily leaders know their properties have to stand out in a crowd. Attracting more residents and potential residents to their communities is, of course, the ultimate goal. But do you want just any potential resident? Or are there benefits to attracting a certain type? We’ve learned that it can be beneficial to attract and retain credit-conscious residents, for both the property and the resident. Why? Let’s break it down below.

Property Management Benefits 

For a property, attracting and retaining credit-conscious residents has a lot of upside.  For one, these residents are more likely to pay their rental payments on time. Having a higher awareness of their overall credit typically means they want to keep their credit in good standing. This leads to residents who are more budget-conscious, are consistent with making timely payments, and less likely to live outside their means. A credit-conscious resident, then, is also less likely to fall into eviction. 

Credit and budget-aware residents are the tenants you want to keep for a long time! You can encourage longer rentals by offering amenities that are more attractive to this group. One such service could be adding a credit-building financial amenity, like RentPlus. A product like this is easy to implement and manage. Residents simply pay their rent on time, and the software integration will report those on-time rent and utility payments to the credit bureaus, helping boost a tenant’s overall credit score. Residents who are already credit-conscious will be excited about this perk. In fact, we have seen that tenants who take advantage of rent-reporting tools stay longer on average than those who don’t. 

By encouraging an overall longer lease-term, multifamily properties can save money! Non-renewal costs can be anywhere from $2,500 to $5,000, so the longer a resident stays (and the more residents you have who stay longer-term) the better it is for your bottom line. Encourage a longer lease term by not only attracting credit-conscious residents, but also offer them perks like RentPlus to get them to stay longer.

Resident Benefits

Being a credit-conscious resident (and person in general) affords them many benefits outside of rent reporting.  These rewards include lower security deposits and lower interest rates – keeping regular bills like car payments and credit cards lower. With overall lower monthly bills and a better income buffer, credit-conscious residents have more room to spend. This means they’re likely better able to afford the “perfect unit” they want to stay at long-term, and better able to make on-time payments. 

Credit-conscious residents also benefit from socially responsible financial amenities, like RentPlus. By offering a rent reporting service, these residents get the added value of building credit simply by paying their rent on-time.  This encourages their already positive credit behaviors and helps maintain their healthy credit habits. 

Credit impacts consumers daily – and attracting residents who have their fingers closer to the pulse of their credit score are overall likely to benefit your property, as well as themselves. 

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