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Frequently Asked Questions:

How did Rent Dynamics get started?

Originating within the multifamily sector, Rent Dynamics was conceived when our founders, working for a property management firm, identified a pressing need for enhanced services and technology. Our mission? To empower multifamily businesses in effectively managing incoming leads and retaining their residents.

Where is your contact center based?

Our Contact Center team is located right here, in beautiful Logan, UT.

What makes Rent Dynamics’ CRM different from other CRM companies?

Rent Dynamics boasts the multifamily sector’s most user-friendly CRM. Crafted for adaptability, it ensures a smooth journey from prospect to resident, further enhanced by our cutting-edge lead-scoring technology. Unique to Rent Dynamics is our resident retention solution, RentPlus.

Who Are Rent Dynamics’ Partners?

Rent Dynamics partners with the most common proptech providers in the multifamily industry to integrate as seamlessly as possible with our clients’ tech stacks. We take a partner-agnostic approach to our partnerships (i.e. we won’t promote one over another), but are always looking to expand our partnerships to broaden our capabilities.

Does RentPlus increase my staff’s workload?

Thanks to integrations with the most common property management software companies, RentPlus can easily and securely receive the data we need to report your resident’s payments. This is completed through an API with no monthly input required from your teams.

If we sign up for RentPlus, are all residents required to participate?

Participation in RentPlus is optional for residents. However, we firmly believe it offers invaluable insights into financial literacy and credit-building opportunities.

Big News! Rent Dynamics has been acquired by Entrata!