Rent Dynamics is your premier leasing office and community concierge partner.


How many of your leads are lost due to busy schedules and insufficient follow-through? Stop letting unanswered calls and missed opportunities result in wasted revenue. Our staff of concierges will partner with you to nurture and maintain your leads, saving you time and preserving your advertising investment. We will answer their questions, schedule appointments and engage them in follow up throughout the entire process of becoming residents. Leveraging our flexible call routing platform and extended availability means you'll never miss a call again.


We are committed to serving your residents with the exact same care and attention that they receive onsite. Our concierges will help manage service requests, answer questions, provide after-hours support and ensure that all of your resident's needs are met, even when you are away. In addition, we provide a suite of advanced community management tools which allow your office staff to easily identify and act on community needs that require immediate attention.


Effective communication is an important tool in sustaining a good relationship between office staff and residents. Rent Dynamics makes reaching out to your residents easier than ever. We provide the ability to quickly notify residents of important information regarding current events, rent balances, construction, maintenance requests, and anything else that the community needs to be made aware of. This toolset is a valuable asset in helping you to build loyalty and receive feedback in a way that is convenient for both you and your residents.


Reviews from current and past residents can have a significant impact on your business. We monitor the top apartment review websites to make sure that your community is being represented fairly. We also actively engage your reviewers by quickly responding to their comments and offering follow-up services to ensure complete satisfaction. All of this data is tracked in our community dashboard to provide an organized and easily accessible way for your office staff to stay connected with the thoughts and feelings of your residents.


Collecting on unresolved balances can be a frustrating and time consuming task for your office staff. Let our revenue recovery experts handle those situations for you. Using powerful skip tracing tools and efficient account management we are able to swiftly locate your past residents and collect on any outstanding debts. Our commitment to concierge service also means that we seek amicable solutions for any disputes or objections that should arise. We handle all of these matters quickly and efficiently, freeing up time for your office staff and minimizing your losses.


Some things you should know about us.

Rent Dynamics simplifies your daily leasing office responsibilities by utilizing our flexible toolset and personal touch concierge service. We are committed to the success of every multi-family & single-family leasing office that we engage. As your premier leasing office and community concierge partner we offer easy, actionable solutions to your everyday community needs. No effort is spared to establish and maintain a successful partnership, and provide service that is reliable, innovative, responsive and empowering.


What others are saying.

"Offers the Answer"

The suite of services Rent Dynamics offers is the answer to the unmet needs in the industry for call management, lead management, reputation management and effective and efficient communication with residents.

-- Scott Stettler, CFO, Wasatch Property Management


...we found ourselves needing to lease about 80 newly-renovated units in 45 days -- a huge challenge! Your team played a critical role in our achieving success on this, an act that astonished our lenders, partners, and competitors alike!

-- Andrew N., Sr. Project Manager, WAG LLC

"Easy to Manage"

Thanks for using tools like texting. I am busy during the day with work, and this is easy to manage in between meetings and meetings and more.

-- Prospect, Four Seasons at Southtowne, UT


The passionate people behind our (and your) success.

Quincy Rich

President, Rent Dynamics

Quincy is responsible for the day to day operations and future growth of Rent Dynamics, along with coordinating all of the elements that comprise our service. He is a graduate of Utah State University with a degree in accounting and has over 10 years of management experience in customer service, including working at a variety of levels within the multi-family housing industry. A business entrepreneur at heart, Quincy has a passion for going the extra mile when finding solutions to your problems. His interest in establishing Rent Dynamics came while working as an accountant and observing leasing offices that were frequently overwhelmed by their daily tasks. To alleviate these burdens he developed a team to provide your leasing office staff with personal concierge services that simplify their responsibilities, allowing them the opportunity to remain focused on the immediate needs of your community.

Alex Buchanan

Director of Concierge Services

Alex leads the team charged with ensuring all of your needs are met, down to the last detail. As an accredited property manager with many years of experience in client service relationships his role is to establish and maintain a long-term, mutually beneficial, partnership with your community. His success comes from a drive to remain connected with your community and ensuring we stay ahead of potential pitfalls before they become major issues. He also possesses a keen ability to develop innovative solutions to resolve issues for your community.

Jim Rowley

Director of Revenue Recovery

Collections demands a challenging balance of customer service and tenacity in order to be successful. Jim exemplifies both of these qualities. Having operated at every level within that industry for over 15 years, from face to face interactions to establishing programs for large public companies, he has gained his knowledge through experience. As Director of Simplified Revenue Recovery, within Rent Dynamics, Jim manages a team of hand-selected experts specifically trained to locate your past tenants and collect on outstanding debts for you.

Maximus Williams

Director of Development

Making an idea blossom into reality is what drives Max. With over 20 years of experience to call upon he oversees the design and development of Rent Dynamicss exclusive cloud-based toolset. Max also puts those skills to work in providing the look and feel of Rent Dynamics. His passion for technology and eye for detail ensures that the Rent Dynamics tools you use are always simple to use, actionable, offer customer value and provide your business with a competitive advantage


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