Resident credit reporting.


Responsible Renters

Stand out from the crowd! RentPlus motivates residents to pay their monthly rent on time and attracts other like-minded renters.

Boost Occupancy

Residents love the benefits of RentPlus. We’re not just helping residents build credit, we're helping you build loyalty.

Build Revenue

RentPlus is a great way to build additional revenue, subsidize your property costs, and differentiate yourself from the competition.

“We like to keep things simple. No third-party payment processor, no middle man, & no hidden transaction fees.”

Data Reporting

RentPlus is a Resident Credit Reporting program designed to help renters improve their financial fitness by building their credit history. Each month that your residents pay their rent on time, RentPlus will report this payment to the major credit bureaus

Premium Features

Our premium features include: building credit, automated balance reminders, financial credit counseling, online budgeting tools, rent due date reminders, and personalized learning programs. It’s not just about building credit; it’s about helping residents change their lives.

Seamless Integration

We like to keep things simple. RentPlus seamlessly integrates with your property management system saving you time and money. No third-party payment processors, no middle man between you and your resident, and no hidden transaction fees.

Secure Technology

Don’t worry, you’re in good hands. RentPlus uses advanced encryption technology to ensure secure data transfer to the credit bureaus. The integrity of your sensitive data is our top priority!

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